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By qualityfirs70964629, Sep 2 2015 11:19PM

Several times people will call and ask for dryer repair. The problem they state is that when they set the timer and push the start button nothing happens.

Before you call for a service tech to come and diagnose your problem and have to pay thirty to forty dollars for a service call try these suggestions.

1. Make sure you have power to your dryer. Many times we have seen a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. This may be due to a power surge and not due to a faulty dryer.

2. If you have power but the dryer still won't start no matter what cycle you select, it may be due to a bad door switch. Your dryer will not start if it can not sense the door being closed. This is a protection to prevent your heating element from burning out or a blown thermal fuse.

It is difficult to check the switch without removing the frot or top panel, however try to push the button by hand with the door open. Listen for a clicking sound. While this is ot a definitve test if you can't hear it click on and off it may be bad. I would then suggest removing the panel to access the door switch and using an ohms resistance tester check for continuity across the leads while holdig the button in.

3. A blown thermal fuse will prevent your dryer from starting on some models while on others it prevents the heating element from turning on. This requires some disassembly of your machine and an ohms resistance tester. To see how to test your thermal fuses try doing a google search using the brand / model of your dryer and "thermal fuse testing or replacement".

4. A broken drum belt may cause your unit not to start. Some models have a sensor to detect when the drum belt breaks. To check this open the door and try to spin the drum by hand. If it spins freely with no resistance the belt may be broken. To check deeper you will have to remove the top and front case panels. Again you can do a google search using your brand / model and "belt replacement" to see step by step instructions for replacing your belt.

If none of the above steps are at issue, then its time to call for a service tech.

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